The Gender Repairmen
Secret Perfect Master

A 5chan original story.

Chapter One   Chapter Two
Hello fellow occultists. 
There are some out there who will naturally be skeptical of the claims made in this story.  They will doubt that any group of human beings, no matter how liberated their true wills and how fully opened their third eyes, would be able to undertake a great work of the magnitude of the Gender Repair Men
And yet I say to you, that everything in these stories is completely and verifiably true.  Gospel truth. 
I myself have had many run ins with these so-called repairmen, now that their work is complete and they are retired to live out the remainder of their earthly lives on a secluded Catalunian cove.  Indulging only in the occasional sexual or chemirical vice. 
I did not write the stories contained on this vile website, no.  And the story of how they came into my possession is a long and complicated one.  It involves admission, on my part, of partaking in too much of the forsaken Chinese tar, and falling asleep on a Brooklyn bound F train.  Only to awaken at first light on a bench in Coney Island, with these stories carefully placed on my personage. 
I only post them here now because the world deserves to know the truth about the certain and final destruction of the deamon gender which is already occuring before your very eyes. 
As the homeosexual John the Baptiste said, “Let he who hath eyes to see and ears to hear” brothers.
Oh yes... oh yes... oh YES!
- Secret Perfect Master

About the author:

Secret Perfect Master is a former child actor turned occultist.


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